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John Orr

In Glendale, California, John Orr was a 17-year firefighting veteran who received national acclaim for his investigative work. He was also an arsonist. Orr liked to set fires in the back of occupied businesses using a signature time-delay device consisting of a cigarette, matches, a rubber band, and a piece of paper.

Orr spent years undetected as an arsonist. The respected fire captain seemed immune from suspicion. However, people began to notice that fire followed Orr. Arson rates rose wherever Orr went—even arson investigator conventions.

Arson investigators could no longer ignore the evidence against Orr, so they stuck tracking devices on his car. After a few months, they had enough evidence to arrest him. Police discovered a manuscript—Points of Origin—in his home. The novel described the activities of a firefighter-turned-arsonist who used his knowledge to outwit the authorities.

The novel’s protagonist used a slow-burning incendiary device to burn a hardware store, killing a woman and her grandson. The crime mimicked one of Orr’s own. Orr wrote in the manuscript, “The deaths were blotted out of his mind. It wasn’t his fault. Just stupid people acting as stupid people do.”

Orr was convicted of 20 cases of arson, including a firestorm in which 67 homes sustained damage or were completely destroyed. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. After he was imprisoned, brush fires around his area near Los Angeles declined by 98 percent. Authorities believe that Orr was responsible for close to 2,000 fires over a seven-year period ending in 1991.
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